These two artists have a grace and a talent that have landed them both living legend status — despite their young age and modern style. In this video, Sara Bareilles sings ‘A Safe Place To Land’ live, joined by the masterful John Legend. Off of her album “Amidst the Chaos”, the song is a soft, lilting tune joined by their larger-than-life voices to create something akin to a lullaby. And of course, both of these artists are totally hypnotic live.

Perhaps fittingly for such a reassuring song, the album came from a place of anxiety and, well, chaos. “I’ve been very outspoken about my feelings the last couple of years from a political perspective, and I think the last few years in my own life personally have been just like psychotically busy and crazy,” Bareilles told EW. “I feel like I’m in a constant state of chaos, but I also know that I’m being impacted by the fact that it literally feels like the world is on fire sometimes. And the world actually is on fire sometimes. So it’s been a really interesting awakening for me personally, and I know a lot of people waking up to that, too.”

You can see the whole performance here:

Sara Bareilles is known for her soulful lyrics and incredible voice — both just made more poignant by John Legend. This song shows both of these great artists at their best.