What a bold statement. FKA twigs is already an enchanting artist with a huge fan base behind her — one who’s known for her powerful originality. But “Cellophane” is something even more special. After having six fibroid tumours removed around a year ago, FKA twigs shared her experience on social media, as well as her gratitude for her body, as she started to chart her journey of recovery.

“Ever since, she has been intermittently posting these videos of her pole dancing progress — in between clips of her martial arts training — showing her becoming more and more skillful and powerful,” Pitchfork explains. “Now, one year after her operation, on her breathtaking new single ‘Cellophane,’ twigs strips back her usual glitchy and twitchy electronic production to reveal her hypnotizing voice, more exposed than ever before.” And it’s a sight to behold. Almost the entire video showcases her dancing, in a way that’s more gripping and emotive than you would ever expect pole dancing to be.

You can see the whole video here:

FKA twigs always has a wrenchingly honest feel to her music, one that makes her as engaging as she is charismatic. But even with her already impressive musical history, “Cellophane” is something truly unique that draws its strength from its intimacy.