In a year already chock-full of brilliant films, Avengers: Endgame has fans excited like no other. Marvel fans and lovers of the genre are waiting with bated breath — and counting down to the release of the film, which now takes place in a matter of hours.

Apparently, huge steps were taken to keep the film secret — even from the cast. “My god, we were all lost! We had no idea what was going on, the actors,” Zoe Saldana told Esquire. “Nobody ever had a full script, you were just given sides like a day before you were supposed to travel to location to shoot, and by the time you would get there it turned out that those sides were inaccurate, they purposefully misdirected you, and now your sides are given to you an hour before you were supposed to be on set. That’s how they manage to keep this all — it’s crazy.”

The hype is real and early reviews are saying that the film delivers, calling it “everything you want and more” and “unconquerable brilliance“.

You can see the whole trailer here:

Avengers: Endgame is finally hitting cinemas this week. And with a fan base like this, you can be sure those seats will be filled.