Stanley Kubrick has a legacy almost like no other. Beyond just an influence in the film industry, this video explains how his style lives on in everything from nightclubs to well, socks. In fact, he’s become such a part of popular culture that late last year the Oxford English Dictionary added a word dedicated just to Kubrick and his influence.

Kubrickian: “Of or relating to Stanley Kubrick; resembling or characteristic of his films. Kubrick is particularly noted for his meticulous perfectionism, mastery of the technical aspects of film-making, and atmospheric visual style in films across a range of genres.” 

Celebrating their Stanely Kubrick season, the British Film Institute breaks down what is and isn’t Kubrickian — far beyond his most famous subjects, it looks at the themes and means that he employs. You can see the whole video essay here:

Running through April and May of this year, the BFI is showcasing the major hits and lesser-known works of this major director. Whether you’re a huge fan, a film enthusiast, or just want to learn more about this filmmaker who earned a place in popular culture (and the Oxford English Dictionary), there’s a screening for you. You can find more information on the BFI website.