With the viral sensation “Alaska” under her belt, Maggie Rogers had a big debut to follow up on. But as she’s continued — and as this video shows — she’s so much more than one song. From supporting Mumford and Sons on tour to more intimate performances — like this La Blogothèque video of her performing live in Paris — she has consistently proven herself to be a flawless performer and a gut-wrenching songwriter. With Rogers, the creativity just flows.

“Writer’s block is your self-critic getting in the way because creativity will just flow otherwise,” Rogers told The Independent. “With music, it’s not something you can just press a button and it comes out. It moves through you, but you have to give it space. It’s interesting because all I want to do is make music.”

And when she makes it, it’s a sight to behold. You can see her performing Light On live in Paris here:

Maggie Rogers debuted was tied up to her viral video and compelling origin story from her time at NYU, but she’s so much more than a one-hit wonder. Thoughtful, playful, and charismatic, she’s one of the leading folk figures in 2019 — and we’ll be watching her closely from here on out.