Most live performances are remarkable in their power or entertainment factor — but this track shines with its understated, hypnotic soul. Paolo Nutini performing Tricks of the Trade live at the Paléo Festival is a real treat. He’s a powerful artist, but also one with a unique take on music and what it means today.

“We are in a time now when there’s nothing precious about music anymore,” Nutini told the Telegraph. “People make you feel like a bad guy for asking for seven quid for your album, like you are slapping them in the face, when they’ll go and pay two grand for a scarf somebody knitted in a sweat shop and stitched a designer label on.” He’s equally colorful talking about the creative process and being brave enough to go for it. “If you’re just using it, squeezing it like a tube of toothpaste, then why should anyone care about what comes out the other end? You should have something to say, an idea you want to get out, and if you don’t, just get out of the way, ’cause there’s so many great musicians and writers that are in the queue.”

But he’s not waiting around. You can watch his live performance here:

Laid-back, assured, and still powerful, Paolo Nutini gives the kind of performance you can watch again and again.