With a classic folk sound and a charm from another age, Bedouine is a simply enchanting performer. The Armenian songwriter has traveled and experienced so much, something that shows through in the deep compassion of her songwriting. “It’s harder to hate up close,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “Having the privilege to pass through many cultures is a reminder that we’re all looking at the same thing from different angles. As much as I disagree with some people, I try to remember that it doesn’t make their experience less true to them.”

In this Takeaway Show video, you can hear her perform two melodic, almost magical tracks — “You Kill Me” and “One Of These Days”:

There’s a timeline charm that comes from Bedouine — a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere that doesn’t obscure the deep wit and wisdom at the core of her writing. Above all, her music and her process can teach us so much about modern life. “I really want to try flexing the empathy muscle, even with things that I feel are really abhorrent,” she said. “I think it’s important to at least attempt to communicate with people that you disagree with. It’s one of the biggest challenges of our time right now.” There’s a lot to learn from.