It’s rare to see an issue as devastating as childhood cancer taken on through cinema, but filmmaker Eugen Merher does so masterfully. Dark Red is a unique take on blood cancer and this short film delivers a very important message, as it explores life as a young boy trying to grapple with his illness.

As a kid you‘d rather be a super villain than a victim,” the description explains. “That‘s why Lamar needs to become a tough vampire like Dracula. He must become someone who takes his fate in his own hands and gets what he needs in order to survive. Dark Red tells the story of a boy tragically turning into a vampire, despite his good heart, only to realize that the true reason for his transformation is his powerlessness – the same powerlessness you feel as a blood cancer patient waiting for a stem cell donation.” 

Seeing the story through a child’s imagination makes this difficult topic all the more gripping. You can see the short film here

This student project is incredibly important, engaging work. Blood cancer affects thousands of children and your donation could make a huge difference. Visit Fight Blood Cancer to register as a stem cell donor and join the fight.