Tim Atlas is incredibly self-assured as an artist, but he’s had a lot to grapple with to get to this place. “When I enter a social setting, I always have this underlying fear that I won’t know anybody or I’ll bore them with a mediocre conversation, and it leads to me trying to facilitate a conversation, while pulling from anything I can just to avoid a lull moment,” Atlas told Art Will Fall. “This usually ends in anxiety and pure exhaustion.” But his anxiety and thoughtfulness is something that he pours into his art and his songwriting — which is so clear in this performance.

He performs his singles “Dizzy” and “Compromised” in this video for Mahogany Sessions. As ever with their videos, it’s a pared-back environment that focus on the sound and the artist. You can see that Atlas has room to play, experiment, and be himself with tweaked versions of his hits. Though new on the scene, he has a great sense of his own voice and a sound that really shines through.

You can see the whole video here:

Tim Atlas is a young performer, but a powerful one — his groovy, pop-filled sound will be around for a long time.