Some movie scenes live on in infamy — and this is definitely one of them. This iconic scene from Good Will Hunting, featuring Robin Williams and Matt Damon, is breathtaking in its writing and its acting. It’s really a monologue, a virtuoso performance from Williams, that is even more gut-wrenching to watch since his passing. As William’s character, Sean, tells Will that there’s so much more to life than books or what exists only in his own head, you can’t help but be captivated.

Good Will Hunting was a breakthrough for Williams as a dramatic performer as well as Damon and Ben Affleck for their writing — and it’s a film that is just as moving over 20 years later. Though the story of a working-class genius who cleans the floors while secretly solving equations is enough of a hook, what really elevated this film to its great heights were the performances of the leads. To get a sense of these dazzling talents in action, you can see the whole scene here:

“Your move, chief.” It’s a line that bellows despite its simplicity, that tangles despite its straightforwardness. It’s a reminder that life is for living — and nobody could deliver it like Williams.