The profound loss of the Christchurch tragedy cannot be put into words. Dozens of lives were taken, including Mucaad Ibrahim who was only three years old. But if the attack was meant to spread fear — if it was meant to spread hate and separation and anger — it’s done anything but. The tremendous outpouring of love, compassion, and community has been transcendent. This TVNZ 1 News report looks at what’s been gained. “Love, community and understanding are among the unintended consequences of the terrorist attack,” the report explains.

To see the sheer, unbridled outpouring of togetherness does not dimish the horror of the tragedy — but it does demonstrate that we do not and will not bend to the demands of terror. It shows that tragedy will be met with the community. That hate will be met with love. The sense of togetherness and empathy that runs through the faces and the spirit of everyone in this video is truly remarkable.

You can see the whole segment here:

Nothing can take away from the horrors of what happened in Christchurch, but there is huge power in how the people of New Zealand have responded. They may be in suffering, they may be grieving, they may be in pain, but they’re serving as a light for the rest of the world to follow.