This south-east London music hall never looked so good. In this gorgeous Mahogany Session video, Vera Blue performs a stripped-back version of All The Pretty Girls. The golden-brown tones of the video give it a vintage feel that fits perfectly with the acoustic song choice. Blue is most well known for coming in third on The Voice, but since then she’s made a name for herself in the industry as both a performer and a songwriter.

Her album, Perennial, was a huge hit showcasing her range of talents. “It is quite diverse, but in a way, the songs definitely blend well together,” she explained. “Over the writing process of the record it was about everything I was going through at the time and it all kind of fell into place. We went into it with no fear and just going for it with production, every production moment is in there for a reason. We just kept experimenting until it felt real until it felt right.”

You can see the whole performance here:

Vera Blue has a talent that transcends reality TV — she’s got a timeless charm and mature insight that shines through in her music, so keep an eye on her.