Listen to the tone of that voice. Dutch artist Benny Sings serves up some major 70s nostalgia as he performs ‘Not Enough’, the lead single from his brand new ‘City Pop’ album. His music is uplifting, irreverent, and totally unassuming in an incredibly refreshing way. He’s not at all afraid to be himself — no cover, no agenda. He finds that so many artists are trying to deliver a persona, a cool factor, and he’s made it clear that’s not what he’s interested in. “I think a lot of people in this area of music which we make are thinking that they are making music that is very close to their heart,” he told Red Bull Music Academy. “I think still it’s a somewhat covered way, kind of macho kind of a thing going on still even here. That’s what I’m trying to break with my music.”

Instead, his sunny tunes with a Stevie Wonder edge have won him praise from NPR and other. You can get a taste of his music and his charisma here:

There’s something so laid back, so arrestingly authentic about this performer who clearly just loves to make music. Benny Sings isn’t playing the game, but with a talent like this, he doesn’t have to.