What a performance. The Danish-Zambian singer and songwriter Kwamie Liv totally delivers with this COLORS video. Her rendition of ‘Look at What I’ve Done’ is taken from her stunning debut album, ‘Lovers That Come And Go’. Soft, raspy, with just a touch of grit and determination, it’s the perfect music for a long Sunday walk or as the background to your day. Liv might be relatively new on the music scene, but she’s totally dedicated to her craft. “The past couple of years I’ve spent maybe 85% of my time in the studio. Easily,” she told Clash Music. “Often very late nights and early mornings. I think I needed that, in order to create this. I gravitate towards being in a bubble where I have the space and time to disappear into my work completely. That’s where my heart took me.”

That determination and self-assuredness certainly come through, both in her music and the performance. You can see the whole video here:

That dark purple backdrop is the perfect color for this track from Kwamie Liv. Sultry but unpretentious, her music has a flow and a groove that is totally intoxicating. She might be working from her debut album, but expect a lot more where this has come from.