It’s hard to know where to start. Sometimes, you find talent in the most unexpected of places and this duo, Ross Anderson and Bailey Nelsen, have that raw, untapped gift that you hardly ever come across. What We Seee was lucky enough to stumble across a live performance of the pair from Glasgow – and stunning just isn’t a strong enough word.

Busking in central London, the two young musicians played to a hypnotized audience with a charisma that could fill a stadium – and the voices to match. In fact, you have to see and hear it for yourself to really do them justice. You can catch 10 minutes of their epic performance here:


If they can reach this level of sublime on a London street corner, it’s mind-boggling to imagine what they could achieve in a recording studio or on a stage. With so much rubbish content and too may vapid musical performances floating around, we have a duty to recognize true talent and, beyond that, to share it. These two are the real deal. Please take a moment to not only follow Ross and Bailey on their Instagram accounts and see more of their art but, more importantly, take the time to share and encourage others to listen. Talent like this deserves to be heard.