It doesn’t take a dance lover to be enthralled by this piece. DOOMED, a two-man dance performance choreographed by and starring RubberLegz and James Gregg, is totally stunning. Precise, synchronized, mirrored movements, filmed from directly above, are at once beautiful and so surreal they’re almost disconcerting. Antagonistic but partnered, cohesive yet adversarial, this piece isn’t afraid to push boundaries. As a piece of choreography, a conceptual experiment, and simply a work of art, it is stunning. If you’re looking for more illumination into its meaning, the accompany words tell their own story.

Hollow one

With inverted tongue

From whence does fulfillment come

When I expel

From this mortal shell

Will I die for living numb

You can see the whole performance here:

The unique angle the piece is filmed from allows for a whole range of motions and movements we don’t often associate with dance, giving a base and, at times, childlike feel to the performance. It’s a work that appeals on an innate level to dance lovers and those without any familiarity with the discipline. And it’s that ineffable, universal quality that really makes this piece special. There’s a lot to unpick about DOOMED from a technical and an artistic perspective, but the way that it resonates goes far beyond the technical and speaks to what it means to be human.