One of the most significant moments of the 2019 Academy Awards didn’t come in the form of an Oscar or a performance, it was simply in showing up. Selma Blair made a stunning public appearance, cane in hand, the first since announcing her MS diagnosis. While the photos of that moment are an important statement in and of themselves, this interview with ABC News looks behind her journey — from initial symptoms to diagnosis to where she is now.

It’s a courageous, deeply personal interview, as Blair speaks about contacting Michael J. Fox, who she didn’t know at the time, when her symptoms became worse and she had nowhere else to turn. She talks about her 7-year-old’s response and she’s been very candid about how long it took her to be taken seriously. “It’s called a snowflake disease because it’s different, like a fingerprint, for everyone,” Blair explains — and symptoms can manifest in a myriad of different ways, often in a non-linear fashion. This can make it difficult, like with so many chronic health issues, for patients to get the help they need — and not to be brushed aside.

You can see this compelling, courageous interview here:

Selma Blair will surely prove to be a huge figurehead in the MS community — and her bravery and honesty are already doing so much.