It’s a bleak image — the strewn belongings on the right almost look like they could be bodies, until you realize they’re the abandoned belongings of Germans fleeing. PIctured are the Soviet troops of the 10th Tank Corps, 5th Guards Tank Army, 2nd Byelorussian Front after the Mlavsko-Elbingskoy Operation and their successful take over of Mühlhausen. German civilians abandoned the town in the wake of Soviet arrival. After the war was finished, the area was placed under Polish administration and the German population was permanently expelled. The area was completely resettled by the Polish.


Mühlhausen, East Prussia, Germany (now, Młynary, Elbląg County, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland).

24 January 1945.

Image taken by Arkady Shaikhet.

Credit: Anti-Worlds