There was a lot to talk about at this year’s Academy Awards. It’s easy to see why most people were a-twitter over Olivia Colman’s win for Best Actress — and even more a-twitter over her acceptance speech — and Green Book took the big award home. But beyond the glitz, the dresses, and the surprise wins, there was something else that was so moving and special at this year’s Oscars. While every year the In Memoriam video is a bittersweet look at those who have left us, the Oscars 2019 In Memoriam really pulled at the heartstrings.

Top writers, editors, directors, festival organizers, producers, and actors who have delighted and mystified us all over the years have left us in the last 12 months. This year’s In Memoriam featured music performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and conducted by Gustavo Dudamel and we were invited to take a look at the giants who are no longer with us. Susan Anspach, John Carter, Margot Kidder, Penny Marshall, William Goldman, Stan Lee and, of course, Albert Finney all made an appearance — and so many more.

You can see the whole In Memoriam here:

While every year it’s important to remember those who gave so much to this industry, the Oscars 2019 In Memoriam definitely stood apart. They may be gone, but their work lives on.