For those who aren’t familiar, skateboards and Sotheby’s would not seem like natural bedfellows. But Supreme, one of the biggest names in skateboarding, has a long history of collaborating with incredible artists — and when one person managed to create a complete collection of Supreme decks, that’s its own work of art. “Discover an incredible collection of Supreme skateboarding decks from Los Angeles based collector Ryan Fuller, which includes every Supreme deck ever dropped,” the video explains. “Over the last two decades, Supreme has collaborated with artists like George Condo, Damien Hirst, and Dan Colen to create unique and sensational designs for their brand. Fuller’s entire Supreme collection will be offered in a special designated single lot online sale without buyer’s premium.”

Going back to 1998, a collection like this is a rarity — probably one of a kind. You can see the whole video and get to know the collector here:

Many of these Supreme decks are works of art on their own — but seeing them together is breathtaking, whether you’re a skateboard lover, an art enthusiast — or both.