The relationship between Rick James and Prince is legendary — but it’s never been explored quite like this. In this incredible three-part video, Rick James And Prince Tour Bus Tales, you get real insight not only into their dynamic, but also how their relationship shaped music history. Part documentary, part animation, they explore this epic rivalry of two greats and James’ struggles with Prince’s career from day one.

Because from the very early days of their meeting, there was an intensity between the two. “The first time I saw Prince and his band I felt sorry for him,” James said of their first meeting. “Here’s this little dude wearing hi-heels, playing this New Wave Rock & Roll, not moving or anything on stage, just standing there wearing this trench coat. Then at the end of his set he’d take off his trench coat and he’d be wearing little girl’s bloomers. I just died. The guys in the audience just booed the poor thing to death.” Obviously, a lot changed — for both James and Prince.

To get a sense of these two music greats and their relationship, you can see the whole thing here:

Because both of these artists became legends in their own right — and because of James’ very public struggles with addiction and his criminal sentences — many of us are unaware of the fierce rivalry between them. They both shaped each other’s careers — and music history.