“I was aware of women not being supported within the art system,” Valeria Napoleone explains in this video for Christie’s. “That made me realise I want to focus my collection on women.” And that’s exactly what she’s done. Her astounding collection kept in her Kensington home is in and of itself a work of art. Napoleanoe has been collecting female artists for decades and it’s incredible to see someone not just engaging with female artists, but embracing unusual and challenging works. While some works took a while for her to warm to, she’s learned to relish the adversarial nature of some of her pieces — and likes that they push her boundaries.

You can get a glimpse inside of her collection here:

More than just curating her own collection, Napoleone is an important reminder that art needs only to resonate with a single person to make a huge difference for the artist — and she’s happy to be that person. “When you are an artist, it doesn’t matter if people pay attention or not, but the drive and the encouragement you get from people who are actually paying attention is priceless,” she explains. “So I want that. I want to pay attention to what they are doing.”