“Wake up, America.” While some people may have tuned into the Superbowl to actually watch the football, most people were there for the real stars of the show — the commercials. And one of the highlights of this year’s Superbowl had to be the long-awaited sneak peek of season three of The Handmaid’s Tale. Hulu gave us a little hint of what to expect from season three, with scenes of America “waking up” — but what audiences really want is to get a sense of what June has in store.

“She’s sketched out what she thinks she’s capable of doing in this particular moment,” showrunner Bruce Miller told Vanity Fair. “But she also knows that if it doesn’t work out, she has survived; she’s good at surviving. She’s capable of improvising.” This year, more than survival, the show promises to focus on revolution and all-out battle. In fact, the writer’s room took on the mantra, “Blessed be the fight.” while scripting season three.

To get a little peek of what we have in store, you can check out the whole video here:

The Handmaid’s Tale continues to serve as both totally gripping entertainment and a terrifying allegory for our age. Season three can’t come soon enough.