How does one little argument spiral into something so much more? “Haircut”, a short film that’s wracked up an impressive string of accolades, takes this question and runs with it. “A simple but clever two-hander, David Brundige’s short Haircut is a well-written fight sequence — verbal, not physical that is — but in a way it is depicted with the same attention to rhythm and space that any good action flick would,” Short of the Week explains. “In the film a modern couple devolves into increasingly vicious recrimination when, to her partner’s surprise, Lindsey returns home with a new short haircut. Is he being reassuring and supportive enough? Evidently not! and off we go.”

With quick-witted verbal lashings and a twisted ending, this short relishes in its moral ambiguity and difficult characters. You can see the whole thing here:

Haircut from David Brundige on Vimeo.

There’s no winner in a fight like this, but we see an extreme version of a slippery slope so many of us have fallen prey to — where no one is their best selves and resentments spill out through the subtext. The twist at the end just complicates things further, leaving us in the moral hinterland that may feel all too familiar.