What happens when you can’t change with the times? This video from The Take explores the tragedy of Betty Draper. “January Jones’ Betty Draper from AMC’s Mad Men is hardly the best mother ever,” the video explains. “Watch to understand the tragic flaw in Betty’s character that kept her from excelling in parenthood or finding happiness.” With toxic teachings from her mother, Draper’s obsession with looks and creating the perfect image of her life keep her not only from moving forward, but from the very happiness she seeks to radiate. Other characters — as well as viewers — develop an ambivalent relationship to Draper, as we struggle to relate to her beauty as much as she does.

From not being able to control her jealousy to only being able to form friendships with children, it’s clear that Betty Draper’s priorities have left her unable to function as an adult, especially one in this new world. This video — which contains spoilers — traces one of Mad Man’s stories that really warrants more attention then it usually gets. Take a closer look at Betty Draper here:

Though Betty’s story may take place decades into the past, it clearly resonates with today’s social media-obsessed world. So many of us focus on showing and performing happiness rather than actually feeling it. Her story is a lesson that lives on, even in 2019.