As if the jaw-dropping film Three Identical Strangers wasn’t already a wild ride, it’s actually inspired another real-life reunion. After seeing that the adoption agency Louise Wise Services and the late psychologist Dr. Peter Neubauer were responsible for separating twins and triplets at birth, one woman took her story into her own hands. “…a 54-year-old woman from New Jersey, Michele Mordkoff, had seen Three Identical Strangers, recognized the name of the adoption agency, and been inspired to explore her birth parents’ history as a result,” the Atlantic explains. “As a part of this process, Mordkoff took a DNA test. She discovered she had a ‘close family match’ with a woman living in Calabasas, California. It was her twin sister, Allison Kanter.”

Seeing these two women in real life is not just a heart-stopping moment, it’s also incredible to see the immediate bond not just between the two of them, but their families. So far, they are reported to be the only pair brought together because of the film. You can see them reunite in this video from The Atlantic:

Though Dr. Neubaeur undoubtedly did so much harm, it’s heartening to see a silver lining appear thanks to Three Identical Strangers. These two women were able to find each other and, for them, it’s been totally transformative.