Some films use one technique so stunningly that they set a new standard for how it’s used in the future — In The Mood For Love is undoubtedly one of those films. In The Mood For Love looks at two married couples who are renting rooms with older couples, following one husband and one wife as they realize that their spouses are being unfaithful. The story is told with a matter-of-fact realism that doesn’t take away from its lush, romantic quality. In this video, Nerd Writer explores the magic of the entire film and, specifically, its masterful use of screens within screens. Although many filmmakers have used internal screens to great success, this film takes the technique to a whole other plane.

You can see the whole thing here:

As the short goes on, we begin to understand that much of the film was written and determined on the fly — but there’s no sense of incoherence or improvisation. Instead, it’s a painstakingly accurate look at misconnections and the lies that we tell ourselves. With great restraint and a masterful technique, In The Mood For Love has a way of capturing the nebulous feeling of inaction and what-ifs — and that’s what makes it a masterpiece.