The Shivering Truth arrived with a smash. This miniseries from Vernon Chatman is a twisted, surreal, wild ride of dark humour and difficult truths. “The omnibus of painfully riotous emotional parables dripping from the deepest caverns of your unconscious are lovingly animated in stop-motion,” the video explains. “In other words, it is the Truth.” Each episode contains a cacophony of stories and themes, constantly pushing the boundary of what can exist in a single entity with a strong aesthetic at its core.

“I sort of started with the novelty of what if we cared a lot about beauty and tone,” Chatman explained. “Things are just more interesting when you operate from that place of heightened emotion and things are bittersweet or melancholy. To me, my drive is always, what’s funny? But things become funnier if they have a deeper emotional complexity to them because that’s just a more fucked up laugh. It’s a stranger laugh that taps into such a weird place. So we were always driving for this degree of beauty with the show’s look, but that also just costs a lot of money to do things right.”

To get a sense of Chatman’s wild and wonderful creation, you can see the pilot here:

The Shivering Truth Pilot from [adult swim] on Vimeo.

There’s a lot to take in — and a lot more where that came from. If you like what you saw, you can watch all six episodes of The Shivering Truth on Adult Swim. It’s worth the ride.