The race to the South Pole captured the world’s attention. It’s astonishing to think that this incredible moment from history has a concrete record, but these journals connect us to the discovery of the legendary Captain Robert Scott. “Tryggve Gran’s journals provide a direct line from the here and now right back to Captain Scott’s freezing, fatal tent in 1912,” the video explains. “On 29 October 1912, the search party set out. They were looking for their leader, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and his four close companions, who a few months earlier had begun a quest to become the first men ever to reach the South Pole. On 12 November, though, came a grim discovery: a tent containing the frozen corpses of Scott and two of his comrades (Edward Wilson and Henry Robertson Bowers).”

The journals themselves spare no details. “All gastsly [sic]. I will never forget it so long I live — a horrible nightmare could not have shown more horror… In a tent, snow-covered til up above the door, we found the three bodies. The Owner [Scott] in the middle… Birdie [Bowers] on his right and Uncle Bill [Wilson] on his left… The frost had made the skin yellow & transparent; I’ve never seen anything worse in my life.”

To understand more about the race to the South Pole and the history of the journals, you can see the whole video here:

Seeing that these journals not only exist, but have been passed down directly, feels like a concrete connection to such a historic expedition. It’s a rare find — but a great one.