While directors, actors, and even producers get a lot of attention, we often overlook one of the key artistic minds in the film-making process — the cinematographers. Since the dawn of cinema, these men and women have shaped the evolution of film, creating those images that have been burned into the public consciousness. With a role that requires both artistic vision and technical expertise, they’re some of the hardest working people in the industry — but often lack the recognition they deserve. From the groundbreaking Billy Bitzer to Robert Burks leading the transition to color, all the way to today’s geniuses like Roger Deakins, this video from CineFix masterfully traces the history of cinematography.

To get a sense of the way film has changed — and the people who have continued to push and innovate the medium — you can see the whole video here:

While some scenes pop out in our memories, we spend less time thinking about how they are created — it’s great to see a film like this giving a big nod to those behind them. The next time you watch a film, take the time to notice all of the people who made it a reality — rather than just the director and that actors. There’s so much more at play.