Whenever La Blogothèque creates a live show, they always brim with craftsmanship and artistic integrity — and this performance from Helena Deland is no different. Seeing her mess with her guitar, perform live on the riverbank, and interact with passersby is completely charming —  but it’s also clear that she’s a songwriter first and foremost.

Deland has described her music as “sincere pop”. “I meant it as a comment on the order in which I sometimes process experience, where songwriting comes before – or simultaneously to – understanding exactly what my stance is in relation to what is at stake,” she told Dazed. “With the way language needs to be played with in order to fit music, writing lyrics almost always makes things clearer, straightens thoughts, reveals some detail or other. I write songs not to say what I think or feel, but to discover what it is, to put it literally.” You can see the whole performance here:

“I try to always stay alert. I can’t tell what exactly it is about random situations I find inspiring, but I’ll write anything down as ideas come at unexpected times: at shows, while biking, during conversations, in books,” she says. “I also need time alone to put stuff together. I am most efficient when I’m going through emotionally turbulent periods. I expect this to change with time – I’m working toward being able to ‘summon’ inspiration in a more controlled way.” We’ll be listening.