While Mahogany Sessions always delivers gold, this eight-minute video features an extended set from the glorious up-and-comer Winnie Raeder. The video starts out with the hauntingly lovely Don’t You Dare, which shows off Raeder’s songwriting prowess:

Your leafless birches like no one
You leave your body here too
When winter comes around again
Someday its without you

The grittier Now I Understand, shows another side of her songwriting talents:

Devil put a gun to my face
Flip the tables when I’m leaning
Devil take it all with no shame
Let me lay till I’m done bleeding
You can take it all, but don’t you dare take off

As we’ve come to expect from the greatness of Mahogany Sessions, it’s a simple but stunning video, showcasing the integrity of the music. You can see the whole thing here:

She’s new on the scene, but Winnie Raeder is already making a huge impression. Soulful, powerful, and emotive, she has a voice and a presence that ring out with wisdom. She’s an unusually poised and reserved talent for this generation — and a video like this, just her and a guitar, brings to mind music legends from another age. She’s just getting started, but this won’t be the last we see of her.