Opioid addiction is wreaking havoc on America — and much of the burden is falling to the grandparents. How do you raise your grandchild if you’ve lost your own child to drugs? The problem is more common than you might think.

“Over 16% of American children who live with a grandparent have no parent present, according to the latest census data, a figure that has ballooned in a single generation,” the Guardian reports. “Compared with 1990, when only 5% of children lived in grandparent-run households, older American adults are experiencing an unprecedented role reversal: instead of adult children providing assistance to their aging parents, an increasing number of seniors are looking after their adult offspring, including stepping in to take over their parental duties.” The drug epidemic in the United States is largely to blame.

Much like the story told in this video, many Americans who begin with seemingly innocent pain medication prescriptions for genuine injuries end up addicted to opioids. Many of them move onto heroin or, more recently, the deathly potent fentanyl. This video speaks to a generation of children and grandparents — you can see the whole thing here:

The unspoken challenge that faces hundreds of thousands of grandparents needs to get more attention. As a generation of parents is savaged, it’s time to pay attention to the stories of those stepping into their shoes.