Talk about a trip down memory lane. While casual video gamers may not realize the impact that game makers and publishers can have, enthusiasts know how powerful that shaping hand can be. That’s why certain studios can develop an almost cult-like following, those who love the signature style they bring to all of their projects. But many of the most iconic games come from creators who are no longer in the business — and their loss is felt acutely. This video from Gameranx explores some of the greatest game makers, charting their influence and their loss.  From Sierra to LucasArts, it will bring you back to some of the greatest games of all time — the ones we still miss.

“Some classic game studios and publishers that have put out our favorite games no longer exist,” the video explains. “Here are the game makers we miss the most.” You can see the whole video here:

There are some studios and creators that are so influential that their style lives on, even after the companies stop putting out new work. These 10 powerhouses, from Konami to Visceral Games, may have reached an end, but the way that they’ve shaped the industry will never be forgotten.