There are few topics in politics today as incendiary and debated as migration, border control, and refugees. From Trump’s wall to Brexit to the Chios, borders and how they’re crossed make up a huge amount of today’s political landscape. But why is so little said about Europe’s most fortified border? Maybe because so few people know about this little piece of land in Africa, featuring one of the strongest and most brutal borders in the globe.

In Vox’s Borders series, they explore Melilla, a tiny area of land that, while technically on the African continent, is actually in Europe — in fact, it’s one of two Spanish land masses in Morocco. Attempting to escape war and poverty, the border is surrounded by camps of those who face violent border guards in hopes of setting foot on the other side. “Of course it’s scary,” one man tells the camera. “But when the opportunity arises I have to forget the fear.”

Vox does a stunning job of exploring the historical, political, and economic conditions that have lead to the border around Melilla and the people who have faced treacherous conditions to try to cross it over and over again. You can see the whole video here:

In all of the conversations about walls, separation, and movement, Melilla rarely gets a mention. Vox has done an admirable job of tackling this important issue — one that we should all be paying more attention to.