This video is not just delightful, it’s a rare chance to peek behind the curtain of one of the greatest films of the year  — with the help of the writer and director himself. “In the 1962-set ‘Green Book,’ based on a true story, Viggo Mortensen plays a nightclub bouncer named Tony Lip,” the video explains. “He’s hired to drive a concert pianist, Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) on tour in the South. Tony’s street style clashes with Don’s refined nature throughout the film and in this scene, in which the two have stopped at a convenience store. The director Peter Farrelly narrates the conflict that ensues when Tony takes a jade stone he found on the ground in front of a box of the same stones for sale. Farrelly comments on the father-son nature of the relationship that the two forge, with Don teaching Tony life lessons of right and wrong.”

You can see the whole video here:

Relationship dynamics, from emotions to control, are at the heart of this film — and hearing it from Farrelly is such a treat. There are plenty of good reasons that Green Book has been a film of the year — but the interaction between the two leads is definitely at the heart of it.