In an ever-more-connected world, new technology is constantly evolving to help people reclaim their autonomy and define their own lives. One backlash to technology has been the huge #vanlife movement, where people minimize their possessions and head out on the open road. And while this type of lifestyle can feel like a dream — something that seems amazing in theory, but is too extreme or expensive in practice — Airstream has incorporated new technology with the Nest that may put a more portable life into people’s reach.

“Airstream’s shiny metal trailers are a symbol of freedom and wealth,” the video explains. “It’s a piece of retro chic design that’s never lost its allure and even if you’ve never thought about owning a travel trailer before, you probably secretly lust after one of these homes away from home. The Nest (starting at $45,900) is different. After decades of aluminum, Airstream introduced fiberglass into the mix and while the exterior looks different from the rest of the lineup, the inside is just as cozy and smartly laid out as its gleaming-in-the-daylight cousins.”

To get a peek inside The Nest, you can check out the video here:

If taking to the open road has always seemed appealing, but not very realistic, the Nest may change that — a different lifestyle could be right around the corner.