If you weren’t a Sega kid, I don’t know what to tell you. This video celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic Sega Dreamcast, from Crazy Taxi to Soulcaliber. People share how they snuck, lied, and stole their way into being able to play the console that enthralled a generation — and all of the memories that came with it.

It also explores that, beyond the hype, it really was a console ahead of its time, with a removable memory card with a love-it-or-hate-it-quality, that could be slotted right into the remote or removed and carried around for added gameplay. It was, more than anything, a one of a kind. It divided users, it defined Sega, and it’s a console so many of us loved.

To get a sense of the Sega Dreamcast — or just a swift kick of nostalgia — you can check out the whole video here:

it’s amazing to remember and revisit these nuggets from our childhood — and see how they hold up to scrutiny, even 20 years later. The Sega Dreamcast was quirky and, at times, frustrating, but it had some of the best games on the market and earned a place in our hearts — one that it still keeps today.