If you want to capture great video on the go, it’s difficult to find anything as small — or as handy — as the DJI Osmo Pocket. “The DJI Osmo Pocket puts video stabilization in the palm of your hand, with a small camera that smooths out your footage thanks to a 3-axis gimbal,” TechRadar explains. “It’s pocketable, like the name suggests, and doesn’t hog your smartphone, like the larger DJI Osmo Mobile 2… it’s promising for video enthusiasts who don’t want professional-sized camera stabilization equipment.” But you have to actually see it in use to understand what it’s capable of.

In this review from the always entertaining and thought-provoking iPhonedo, you can see just how much this tiny piece of kit is capable of. Despite having only a tiny screen and a couple of buttons, what it offers in terms of quality, stabilization, and intuitive use is through the roof. And you can connect it to your phone for a total transformation and so many more options. Whether you’re a full-time photography and tech geek or just want something that’s easy to operate and incredibly mobile, the Osmo Pocket has a lot to offer.

Want to see it in action? You can see the whole review here:

Some of the most powerful tech of today can fit into the palm of your hand — and the Osmo Pocket proves that doesn’t have to come with a sacrifice of quality.