A guitar, a garden, and sunshine — this video from La Blogothèque lets the huge talent of Michelle Blades speak for itself.

Her folksy style with penetrating lyrics really shines in this Takeaway Show as she sings ‘You’re the Mother, You’re the Man’. The song is one of her lesser-known works, left off of the album VISITOR. Blades thrives in her live performances where she’s known to improvise almost constantly.

“I just kind of start singing or playing whatever is in my head and follow along until some theme emerges and it falls together,” she explained in an interview. “Improvising feels like the best way to be honest or sincere about whatever you’re singing about… It’s easier for me to just improvise a song and memorise it than sit down and write one.” It’s a rare talent, but a bright one.

To get a sense of the soothing, soulful folk that Blades has to offer, you can check out the whole video here:

With a charisma that bold, a voice that smooth, and the ability to constantly improvise and build on her songwriting, Blades is definitely one to watch.