There’s a good chance that you’ve heard the song, but the video is a masterpiece. The video for “Lost Without You” by Freya Riding is a hazy, surreal journey through heartbreak.

The haunting, powerful voice of Ridings is paired perfectly with blustery outdoor scenes, rich fabric, and lush greenery — making it a feast for the ears and eyes.

One thing that shows through the video is Ridings’ authenticity — as a person and as an artist. And maybe that’s because, in spite of being tipped as the next big thing, she’s not letting it go to her head.

“I feel like, because I’ve been writing and playing for such a long time, you just have zero expectations,” she told Smooth Radio. “There’s no expectations at all. Every single person that turns up to a show, you really appreciate them. Every single radio interview you do – everything. They mean a lot more when you haven’t had them, you know? So I’m just extremely grateful for all of this. It’s incredible.”

But with a talent like this, it’s clear she’s exactly where she needs to be.

You can check out the whole video here:

Freya Ridings is a relatively new arrival — but that hasn’t stopped her from making a splash. With a dedication to her craft and an immense talent, we’re sure to be seeing a lot more of her.