KLARA— or Klara from Sweden, as she often goes by — is a huge new arrival on the music scene. “That name actually comes from whenever I meet someone and give them my number – they always put that in their phone book,” she told Le Cool. “You always have to have some kind of reminder of the person, right? And because no one can pronounce my last name, that’s what I became! Also at gigs when I ask people to check out my website or whatever it’s a lot easier to tell them KLARA from Sweden!” And she’s certainly an artist who is easy to remember. In this video from Mahgony Sessions, she shows off a pure voice with amazing vocal control, paired with magnetic songwriting ability.

For her, music is really about being part of a larger community. “I’ve always written my own songs and asked musicians to be around me, which have become bands. Some of those have lasted five years, others for two, so it’s always felt like I’ve been performing alone but with friends.” But this video shows she’s a strong solo artist in her own right. You can hear the whole thing here:

No matter what name she goes by, it’s clear she’s an artist you won’t forget.