“I’ve always sung,” Lily Moore told Brighton’s Finest. “I’ve never not. It’s always been a massive part of my life. I’ve always written songs. My mum says I’ve always sung. Constantly. I never really had lessons. If you sing constantly you end up finding how to sing, and finding what sort of way you want to sing. She said when I was little she would put me in the bath, and she would only get worried if I stopped singing.” And with her pedigree, it’s not surprising. The daughter of famous guitarist Gary Moore, it’s clear that music is second nature to her. And though she’s quick to give credit to her father’s influence, this video shows that, as an artist, she’s very much foraging her own path with a totally unique talent.

“He definitely influenced me,” Moore said. “He gave me a really good taste in music. He played me a lot of soul, jazz and blues music. He’d play it to me on the school runs. He would show me Freddie King and Albert King, and B.B. King. That was what I was played going to school. I can thank him for that, definitely.” But her singular sound — rasping, melodic, and emotional astute — is definitely all her own. This video from Mahogany Sessions says it all:

She’s a rising star with a soulful sound and a penetrating eye for lyrics — so keep an eye on Lily Moore.