If you haven’t already become acquainted with the grace that is Eliza Shaddad, it’s time. This video, from the always-wonderful Mahogany Sessions, features Shaddad just how you should get to know her — a blank space, a guitar, her voice, and her songwriting.

Shaddad’s powerful, genre-bending music has been enchanting fans since the release of her album “Future”, because she’s not afraid to tackle life’s most difficult moments. “The music that I loved and I most identified with growing up was the kind that displayed the darkest, most intimate details,” Shaddad told Band Camp. “It was the really revealing moments that made me feel like I was listening to a true story, I guess. Unrevealing art doesn’t feel true to me, so I don’t feel like I’ve much of a choice to hold stuff back.”

To get a sense of her penetrating work — and hypnotizing musicianship — you can see the video here:

Shaddad has an exquisite, piercing quality, both in her songwriting and in her performance. Singing about a mistaken second chance, “Just Goes To Show” feels like a direct hit, a song with moments that so many of us can relate to. If she was drawn in by the darker truths of her idols’ music, she’s drawing us in with her own.