“I think success is making the most number of people’s lives better… we feel a sense of purpose when we make other people’s lives better.” It’s only one of the many definitions of success put forth in this extrodinary video from Oh Wonder. This video has the whimsical, haunting tones of Oh Wonder interspersed with real people talking about life and living. It’s a gorgeous concept in its simplicity and the music has the same quality we’ve come to expect from the  London-based alt-pop duo, Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West.

Perhaps their interest in the every day comes from their humble beings — the pair earned a huge online following for two years, before they ever played a single live gig. Fame isn’t their natural habitat and, despite their great success, they’ve remained grounded. “It’s not just me wanting to be a pop star,” Gucht told The Evening Standard. “Music is an incredible thing. If you can make people feel a little bit better in some capacity — that is now my drive. We’ve met the most remarkable people and heard some amazing stories. You realise that music is the soundtrack to a lot of people’s highs and lows. That’s what makes me think that what we’re doing is valuable.”

You can watch their whole video for “All We Do” here:

It’s an enchanting video with far more depth than the average pop offering. And the central message of this video? One man said it best, “Find yourself, lose yourself, and then find others.” What else is there?