Bring. The. House. Down. That’s exactly what happens when Tel Aviv artist Dennis Lloyd performs “Leftovers,” in this amazing presentation from COLORS. It’s rare to see a singer accompany themselves, but when they do it’s usually with a piano or a guitar. Lloyd has a totally different spin on self-accompaniment, wailing on the trumpet during this soulful, moving performance. The song, which wrestles with the themes of regret, blame, and redemption, is the perfect choice for this pared-back, striking performance from Lloyd. But when he pulls out that trumpet — well, it’s just another level.

If you want a new song to have on repeat throughout your day, this video could very easily be your new favorite. You can see the whole collaboration from Lloyd and COLORS here:

He gives so much in this simple performance that you can’t help but be transfixed by his charisma, musicianship, and, of course, that voice. He has a laid-back charm and down-to-earth vibe that you don’t get on many young musicians and, of course, the chops to match. He’s definitely one to watch and COLORS, yet again, has a knack for unearthing the very best talent.