If you’re someone who struggles to take a moment and really notice the world around you, maybe it’s time to let Vivian Maier help. Her 8mm videos are a masterclass in capturing the beauty of the everyday. Though as an artist she is somewhat shrouded in mystery, her inquisitive mind is something of a legend. Best known for her photography, her love of exploration and curiosity transcended into every part of her life.

“Vivian was a self-made and self-appointed journalist,” John Maloof, Director of ‘Finding Vivian Maier’, told American Photo. “She would show up at red carpet events and movie premieres and join press reporters and photographers on the press scrum, reporting for Vivian Maier, basically. She would make audio recordings on subjects that interested her. If she found out that someone had met a celebrity, she would doorstep that person and show up at their suburban home and say, ‘Hey, I heard you met Rudolph Valentino. Is he as good-looking as they say, cause I never found him that attractive,’ or whatever her opinion was on the subject. And she would basically make these little radio documentaries.”

She was always asking, looking, watching, observing, and learning. But in these videos, you can really see something special. Take a moment and look through Maier’s eyes. You can see the whole clip here:

There are some eyes, some perspectives, and some talents that are untouchable. Vivian Maier continues to hit us in a physical, universal way. It’s truly timeless.