One of the greatest artistic challenges is capturing what makes something alive. But for Debbie Boon, it’s what she lives and breathes. Inspired by her mother’s artistic portfolio, Boon decided to go to art college, specializing in illustration. But the page wasn’t enough for her. Luckily, she was in the perfect part of the world to jump right in. Living in Norfolk, she spends her days observing British wildlife in their natural habitat. And her ability to translate these animals onto the canvas hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Debbie Boon is a contemporary artist whose work is characterized by an energy and vivacity which reflects the joie de vivre she feels when faced with a subject that captures her imagination,” Heist Films explains. “Working in partnership with Debbie and The Norfolk Wildlife Trust we told the story of what inspires her as an artist and how she captures the spirit of her subjects.

Her electric personality shows through in her work — and in her very method. And she is able to see the personality in the animals she’s painting and has a unique ability to bring life to the eyes of her animal subjects. You can check out the whole video here to get a glimpse at her process and her inspiration:

Very few people would have the craft to capture wild animals so beautifully, but her passion for the work shines through. She’s dedicated to these animals, to this studio, and to her calling. And all of that shows in the final product.