How do you go from record rainfall to a full-out water catastrophe in less than five years? That’s exactly the question that Cape Town is facing at the moment. In this video, Day Zero, Jamie Hancock looks into the current water crisis in Cape Town. “The core of the story was based around my interview with Ray de Vries, who provided the narration for the film. I contacted him after seeing one of his videos where he gave a live report from the Theewaterkloof Dam, which is where Cape Town’s water supply comes from,” Hancock told Wex Photo Video. “Ray is also an inventor and designed a machine that creates bottled, drinkable water through humidity. It can produce up to 150 litres per day. He was passionate, very knowledgeable and seemed like the perfect person to speak to, so I got in touch and luckily he was up for it. I didn’t have a filming schedule as I was on holiday, but in the end, I gave myself a few days a week during my month’s visit.”

Ray’s knowledge and Hancock’s vision come together in this award-winning piece. It asks the question: What happens when taps run dry? And then it tells us what we can do about it. You can see the whole thing here:

While this video focuses on the situation in Cape Town, it’s hard not to feel like we could be seeing such dire situations in the rest of the world. As the video suggests, the rest of us may be looking to Cape Town for a blueprint — but maybe we can learn something about not letting it get to this point.