The Dø is a band that deserves to be on your radar — and this video will put them there.  They’re a French/Finnish indie pop band that has been performing together since they were founded in Paris in 2005. Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy have blended together to form a unique, poppy but whimsical sound that not only has garnered them fans around the world, but also helped them win a European Border Breakers Award. In this video, brought to you by La Blogothèque — who consistently mines the world for great musical talent and shares it in interesting ways — you can get a real sense of their musical style. La Blogothèque presents “Take Away” shows,  like this one, as mini-concerts to help you get a much more holistic sense of the artists than you would get out of out a short Youtube clip. And this particular video not only features catchy, emotional music but also is stylized so perfectly it would make Wes Anderson envious. It shows exactly what La Blogothèque is all about. The Dø is a band you should have heard of, but maybe just haven’t discovered yet — and they’re making sure that sound gets amplified into the world.

Getting to sample upbeat poppy hits and more mellow ballads like their song “Miracles” allows you to experience the range of this dynamic duo. To get a sense of this quirky, compelling duo you can check out the whole video here.

The Dø is a unique band that’s just the right side of quirky. The genius of the La Blogothèque is that they unearth these gems to share them with the world — so add them to your repertoire, because they’re worth watching.